At Phoenix, we can take on a full or partial operational role as required, including some or all of the following:

  • Operate and Manage the Hotel and Restaurant on behalf of the Owner.
  • Implement and follow-up of Standard Operating Procedures for all departments.
  • Prepare and submit to Owner the Operating Plan, Business Plan and Budget for each Operating Year, complying with Legal Requirements and Approvals and Insurance Policies.
  • Establish all prices, price schedules, rates, rate schedules, negotiate and administer all requirements for health, security.
  • Supervise and purchase, or arrange for the purchase of, all inventories, provisions, consumable supplies and Operating Supplies that are necessary and proper to maintain and operate the Hotel, and to use the same in the management and operation of the Hotel.
  • Quality control following standards for category of hotel and brand.
  • In house training for some or all staff up to the level dictated by PHMC or the hotel and brand.
  • Keep the Hotel and the FF&E in good operating order, repair and condition, negotiate and administer leases, licenses, and further concession agreements for all public space at the Hotel